Alex Rico, 4th year thesis student

Alex is working in the lab this summer on cardiac hypertrophy in a rat seizure model. This fall he will focus on sex-related differences in cardiac cachexia.


Beth Westby, 3rd year summer student

Beth is in the forensics program and in the Tobin lab is getting a crash course in all things molecular biology - cell culture, western blot and qPCR.

picture of me with my 2L graduated cylinder.jpg

Ethan Holder, 4th year student,

Reading Course

Ethan Holder, 4th year Honors Biology student is preparing a review article on the effect of biological sex on cardiac cachexia. Research interests: human related intra and extra cellular communication and what may go wrong with cells and tissues when these mechanisms and systems, fail to function properly.

Samantha Caudle, Undergraduate volunteer

Undergraduate volunteer. Samantha is working with Ethan on a review on cardiac cachexia. Her task is to summarize current mouse models used to study cardiac cachexia.


Join the team

4th year thesis projects: I am no longer accepting students for research projects for 2022-2023. For the 2023-2024 year, interviews will be held in February. 

I am always interested in discussing research opportunities with future students. To see whether what I am researching is something you are interested in pursuing, please read about our ongoing projects. If you are interested in discussing research opportunities with me, please send me an email outlining potential projects, a CV and an unofficial transcript.