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Systemic disease

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Striated muscle inflammation

DNA Strand

Cellular Memory



Welcome to the website of Dr. Tobin. I am an Assistant Professor of Integrative Biology at Trent University. I am interested in how muscle and immune stem cells develop cellular memory in response to various diseases associated with chronic inflammation, such as aging (inflamm-aging) and chronic heart failure. To do this we use transcriptomics, in vitro models of myogenesis, macrophage differentiation and mesenchymal stem cell culture, and in vivo models of skeletal and cardiac muscle injury.  Click here to find out more.

NEW March 2022: Thank-you to the Trent University Office of Research and Innovation for funding our project on Inflammatory Memory in Muscle Stem Cells with a Research and Development Grant!

Teaching: I have worked as sessional lecturer of undergraduate biology courses at York University, the University of British Columbia and Lakehead University - Orillia. I have experience teaching in-person and online. I am an advocate for experiential learning and routinely incorporate case studies to demonstrate real world examples of classroom concepts.

See some research and life highlights below:

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Dr. Tobin joins the Department of Biology at Trent University

August 2021

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