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Systemic disease

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Striated muscle inflammation

DNA Strand

Cellular Memory

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Welcome to the website of Dr. Tobin. I am an Assistant Professor of Integrative Biology at Trent University. I am interested in how muscle and immune stem cells develop cellular memory in response to various diseases associated with chronic inflammation, such as aging (inflamm-aging) and chronic heart failure. Click here to find out more.


April 2023: Thank you to NSERC for funding the lab's first major grant! This 5 year Discovery Grant will investigate cellular memory in muscle stem cells. We are looking for a M.Sc. student to join our lab and discuss potential project! Please read the full description here.

March 2023: The Tobin Lab is hiring a summer research assistant to work on cellular aging. See JOB ID: 31216 at

March 2023: Congratulations to Abbey and Sabastian for participating in the Three Minute Project Competition! Abbey also won third place!

September 2022: Four undergraduates join the Tobin lab for their thesis projects. Welcome Alex, Abbey, Sabastian and Vivien!

August 2022: New paper - The importance of biological sex in cardiac cachexia. Published in AJP - Heart and circulatory physiology

March 2022: Thank-you to the Trent University Office of Research and Innovation for funding our project on Inflammatory Memory in Muscle Stem Cells with a Research and Development Grant!

See some research and life highlights below:

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Dr. Tobin joins the Department of Biology at Trent University

August 2021


Students interested in joining the lab should send an email of interest including a resume and unofficial transcript. to 

If you are interested in doing a thesis project with me for the 2023-2024 academic year, interviews will be held in February 2023.

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