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DNA Strand


The Tobin Lab studies how muscle and immune stem cells develop cellular memory in response to various conditions associated with chronic inflammation, such as aging (inflamm-aging) and heart failure. A new field that we are working on is related to mitochondrial tRNA modification by an enzyme called TRIT1. Deficiency in TRIT1 causes an extremely rare disease called Combined oxidative phosphorylation deficiency 35 (Coxpd35). Click here to find out more about projects in the lab.


April 2024: Several new updates this month!

M.Sc. candidate, Jack Campbell, was awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship - Congratulations, Jack!

As we say goodbye to our undergraduate thesis students, we also welcome two new summer research assistants, Hannah Smith and Hannah Kavanagh. 

Hannah Smith is funded through a NSERC USRA - Congratulations, Hannah!

Lastly, Sabastian Koprich's undergraduate thesis is now published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology Open

March 2024: The Tobin Lab has received funding from the NSERC Alliance International Catalyst Grant ($25,000). This project will investigate the role of TRIT1 in skeletal muscle. It will be done in collaboration with Prof Ulrich Schweizer, University of Bonn, Germany.

The lab's recent work as also been highlighted in an article by Trent University News.

Congratulations to Risha and Sam for participating in the Three Minute Project Competition! Sam even won first place! Risha and Julio also participated at Ontario Biology Day 2024 at TMU.


December 2023: Our new paper on cytokinins in skeletal muscle cells is out now!

November 2023: Thank you to Trent University for awarding our lab with a Theall Research Grant! 

Dr. Tobin represents Trent University at the Global Royal Society of Canada G7 Research Summit on Healthy Aging

September 2023: Welcome to the Tobin lab graduate students Jack Campbell and Farnoush Kabiri and 4th year honors thesis students, Samantha Caudle, Lorna Phan, Risha Guta, Ben Witmer, and Julio Cisneros Medrano!

August 2023: Dr. Tobin presents some of the lab's work at the 2023 Ontario Cell Biology Symposium in Guelph.

April 2023: Thank you to NSERC for funding the lab's first major grant! This 5 year Discovery Grant will investigate cellular memory in muscle stem cells. 


See some research and life highlights below or check out the Archives


Students interested in joining the lab should send an email

of interest including a resume and unofficial transcript. to 

If you are interested in doing a thesis project with me for the 2024-2025 academic year, interviews will be held in January 2024.

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