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Welcome to the website of Dr. Tobin. I am an Assistant Professor of Integrative Biology at Trent University. I am interested in how muscle and immune stem cells develop cellular memory in response to various diseases associated with chronic inflammation, such as aging (inflamm-aging) and chronic heart failure. Click here to find out more.


November 2023: Thank you to Trent University for awarding our lab with a Theall Research Grant! 

September 2023: Welcome to the Tobin lab graduate students Jack Campbell and Farnoush Kabiri and 4th year honors thesis students, Samantha Caudle, Lorna Phan, Risha Guta, Ben Witmer, and Julio Cisneros Medrano!

August 2023: Dr. Tobin presents some of the lab's work at the 2023 Ontario Cell Biology Symposium in Guelph.

April 2023: Thank you to NSERC for funding the lab's first major grant! This 5 year Discovery Grant will investigate cellular memory in muscle stem cells. 

March 2023: The Tobin Lab is hiring a summer research assistant to work on cellular aging. See JOB ID: 31216 at

March 2023: Congratulations to Abbey and Sabastian for participating in the Three Minute Project Competition! Abbey also won third place!

See some research and life highlights below or check out the Archives


Sabastian's thesis work is featured in TrentU News & Events: Métis Student Takes on Ambitious Research Project Examining Cardiovascular Health

June 26, 2023


Students interested in joining the lab should send an email

of interest including a resume and unofficial transcript. to 

If you are interested in doing a thesis project with me for the 2023-2024 academic year, interviews will be held in February 2023.

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